Investigation of an Unofficial Ring API-Intro


This is a work in progress. Since I am retiring my repo I will try reformatting this and rewriting some of it regarding the old info. Expect a new post since it appears Ring may have redone their API. This is a compilation of all my research I have done into the Ring API for use in a Ring Component for Home Assistant and a Ring plugin for Homebridge.


This is divided into 3 different posts for the sake of my sanity. The first post “Ring Process” is about understanding the work flow of their API. The second post is about the SIP data returned from any request to either live view the camera or view an ongoing event. The 3rd post is about how to start a live stream, with this it would be theoretically possible to have a live stream going 24/7 saving locally and acting as another security camera. However I suspect that this would burnout the blue led that lights up when its recording as well as burning out the circuits from running so much.

Written on September 22, 2017