I split my time between Phoenix, Arizona and Washington D.C. I am generally available anytime between 10am and 12pm local time. The best way to reach out to me is via the Homebridge Discord server @AppleGeek. If you want to hear my random grumblings and thought give me a follow on twitter @Appletechy4.

More Info On Homebridge

I am very happy that as of Q1 of 2020 we have finally made some headway on our vision for the future of Homebridge. We recently converted over to a Team on Github. We marked a milestone of publishing v1.0.0 of Homebridge with a conversion over to TypeScript. We are also in the process in converting our entire codebase into Typescript. We implemented the verified plugin program. We have also made sure to make sure our branding is constistent accross all platform. Countless hours have been put into this project and I want to give a special thanks to @nfarina, @khaost, @northerman54, @oznu, @donavanbaker, @taitems, and @ggabogarcia. We are currently in the process of making a documents website to help make it clearer to developers how to create plugins for homebridge. These changes have been a long time in the making since back in 2017.

I meet @nfarina and @khaost 4 years ago when I first started using Homebridge I required a lot of help since Homebridge was still in its early stages. I like to think I helped make a difference then with suggestions with addition to the readme files and my continued assistance via the support channels we offer. I think the upcoming improvements will have the most impact on the user experience yet! Can’t wait to show it to everyone.

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